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Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

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Laparoscopic Myomectomy

Dermoid Cyst Removal

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The WORLD'S FIRST ready to insert Morcellation Bags with NON-TWIST Design and Multiple Instruments Channel.


Once ready for the power morcellation, widen the morcellation port enough considering the size of the morcellator and the morcellation bag. Slide-out the paper tag from the device as shown on the tag by holding just below the paper tag, insert the ready to insert SAFETY ISOLATION BAG® into the abdominal cavity directly through the incision through which the morcellation will be performed.


Once the device is pushed maximum into the abdominal cavity. Pull out the flexible introducer from the SAFETY ISOLATION BAG® by pulling and giving an anti-clockwise rotation on introducer. And the SAFETY ISOLATION BAG® is fully pulled into the abdominal cavity using a non-traumatic grasper.


Open the SAFETY ISOLATION BAG® by holding at the flaps of the device using non-traumatic graspers keeping the tubular guides upside. See that the body of the device is fully opened before trying to place the tumour inside the device. Place the tissue specimens to be removed inside the SAFETY ISOLATION BAG® and push it to the bottom of the bag.


Once the specimens are placed inside, - pull out the mouth of the SAFETY ISOLATION BAG ® edge- by- edge till the marking through the morcellation port using a non-traumatic grasper, keeping the maximum body of the device inside the abdominal cavity. Clamp the mouth of the device with an artery forceps.


Now pull out the tubular guide through the primary port either by rail roading or by using a 5 mm telescope, once all the three arrow marks on the tubular guides are brought out, make a small opening to pass the telescope and trocar canula through the tubular guide. Along with gas flow, advance the telescope first through the tubular guide till it passes through the valve’s opening under vision and once the telescope entered the body of the device, then push the trocar fully into the body of the device. Inflate the device with gas. Once the trocar is well entered, tie outside the tubular guide, with one of the thread provided along with the device.


Once the SAFETY ISOLATION BAG® is completely filled up, untwist the mouth opening of the device and under vision introduce the LIMAS MORCELLATOR® hand piece through the mouth opening of the SAFETY ISOLATION BAG®. Put a Tie outside the mouth of the device and the morcellator hand piece with another thread. Once the morcellation is completed and the tissues are extracted, remove the telescope and the morcellator hand piece after untying the threads. Put a tight knot just below the opening made on the tubular guide. And pull out the SAFETY ISOLATION BAG® through the morcellation port holding at the mouth of the device.