• Step 1

    Insert the Safety Isolation Bag™ into the abdominal cavity directly using the blunt Obturator by pushing the bag through the incision through which the morcellation will be performed, once ready for power morcellation. 1
  • Step 2

    Remove the Obturator  of the Safety Isolation Bag™ once it passes the bag through the incision and entering the abdominal cavity. Pull the Safety Isolation Bag™ fully into the abdominal cavity using a non-traumatic grasper. 2
  • Step 3

    Open the mouth of the Safety Isolation Bag™ using a non-traumatic grasper through the lateral port and place the tissue specimens to be remove inside the Safety Isolation Bag™ monitoring using the telescope.   3
  • Step 4

    Once the specimens are inside, pull the Safety Isolation Bag™ out through the same incision the bag was inserted. Use a non-traumatic grasper or the retractor means provided with the Safety Isolation Bag™.   4
  • Step 5

    Pull back the Safety Isolation Bag™ till the neck end observing the markings provided. The markings at the neck can be used to adjust the bag volume depending on the size of tissue inside.   5
  • Step 6

    Pull out the long loop thread stuck to the non return valve (6) through the incision through which the primary trocar will be passed. Now introduce one trocar and telescope through the mouth of the Safety Isolation Bag™ and inflate the bag so that complete pneumoperitoneum is created and the bag covering the abdominal cavity.   6
  • Step 7

    Once the Safety Isolation Bag™ is completely filled up, by visualizing the interior of the Safety Isolation Bag™ introduce one trocar through the existing incision through which the long loop thread attached to the non return valve was pulled out. Puncture at the non return valve. This trocar can function as the passage for the telescope which is now passed through the mouth of the Safety Isolation Bag™. 7
  • Step 8

    If needed to use another hand instrument for procedure, introduce one another trocar through another non return valve which is at the upper wall of the Safety Isolation Bag™. 8
  • Step 9

    Remove the trocar and telescope which was inserted through the mouth of the Safety Isolation Bag™ and use this opening to introduce the morcellator hand piece. 9
  • Step 10

    Pass the telescope through the primary trocar and by visualizing introduce the morcellator hand piece using its blunt tip obturator, pushing it into the cavity of the bag using a spiral clockwise movement. Once all the instruments are inserted, inflate the Safety Isolation Bag™ again so that the complete pneumoperitoneum is created covering the abdominal cavity. 10
  • Step 11

    Remove the blunt obturator from the morcellator hand piece and pass a tenaculam through the hand piece lumen and hold the specimen and perform the morcellation within the pneumoperitoneum created by Safety Isolation Bag™ 11
  • Step 12

    Once the morcellation is completed and the tissue is extracted, remove the trocar from the non-return valves. Take out the tenaculam from the morcellator hand piece and remove all body fluids and small tissue pieces from the Safety Isolation Bag™ using a suction irrigation apparatus passed through the same morcellator hand piece. 12
  • Step 13

    Deflate the safety isolation bag fully by using the suction apparatus. Once it is deflated, pull out the Safety Isolation Bag™ by pulling out the morcellator hand piece and the bag together. 13